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Records Ireland is a genealogy research firm based in Dublin, Ireland. We are dedicated to helping people to connect with the history of their Irish ancestors through research and analysis of a wide variety of sources here in Ireland.


Hilda McGauley M.Sc., MAPGI, principal of the firm has more than fifteen years experience working as a professional genealogical researcher. Hilda is a member and former Honorary Secretary of the Association of Professional Genealogists in Ireland (APGI), the regulating and accrediting body for the genealogy profession in this country, and takes an active part in the Association's work, having both served on the Council of APGI and represented APGI at the Council of Irish Genealogical Organisations.

Through APGI Hilda has also been involved in the Genealogy Advisory Service at the National Archives of Ireland. Hilda has, in the past, contributed articles to genealogical publications such as Irish Roots and Moorhead magazines and has a particular interest in the subject of the Irish diaspora's entitlement to Irish citizenship by descent.


We work with clients both in Ireland and around the world. We favour a collaborative approach in which the client has the opportunity to provide input on the direction of the project at each stage, the goal being to follow their interest as we move back the generations. We are therefore ideally placed to act also on behalf of those undertaking their own research, providing a link to original Irish sources.

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13 The Glade
Woodfarm Acres
Dublin 20


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