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Civil Records: Introduced for all marriages in Ireland from 1864. Also included non-Roman Catholic marriages from 1845.

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Church Records: Were held on a parish-by-parish basis, which much variation in start-dates and survival of material at the local level. Many include events from before 1864 or before 1845 and are therefore a very important substitute source for the period prior to the introduction of the civil system.              


Fee Information

EURO 60 for search for civil record to include a search period of up to five years. 

In the case of Church records on the other hand we will first need to consult with you to see what material is available for the specific parish.

Additional Information

We can search for a civil record of marriage in the Index of Marriages at the GRO in Dublin. Civil marriage records provide the following information on the event and the parties:

1. The date and location of the marriage and the name of the officiating clergyman

2. The name, address, age and occupation of the bride and groom and a note of their marital status at the time (Spinster, Widower etc.)

3. The name and occupation of the father of the bride and the father of the groom.

4. The names of the witnesses

Church Records of Marriage on the other hand were held on a parish-by-parish basis. Many parishes have records which extend to periods before the introduction of the civil registration system. The availability of records will depend on the location of the marriage and the religious affiliation of the parties.

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